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I like the artwork, I do. Why is the only time she smiles is when her hair is grown out? As someone who was super bored with the same old twist outs, I needed a change and opted to big chop again. My #struggle with the natural hair community these days is the CONSTANT focus on the length, and I want to have an honest discussion about it.

I personally want to believe that it’s all about personal preference. But when I get more compliments from NON black people on my new cut, I wonder if we are just indoctrinated to believe tbayong hair is more attractive and makes us more feminine. I hear a lot about short hair makes women loom more masculine, but I never hear that when a Caucasian woman does it. She’s called edgy, a risk taker. We chose to label each other as unnatractive. Even when Beyonce sported that shirt cut for all of twenty seconds, folks were like NO.

So, fellow naturals, what say you. Why the short hair shade? #naturalhair #afro #twa #shortstyles #shortbair #pixi

I swear, these two right here nearly had me letting the entire tacqueria Antojo experience how truly NOT LIGHT SKINNED I’m not. #lookaherr don’t let the light skin and vocabulary fool you. And the one in the PNW black woman uniform (too small leggings and a top that doesnt fit, and FAHTHA GAWD eyebrows) had the nerve to chuckle at me. I have had my fill of people today. #iamdone

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