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Entwine couture wants us to Untangle Out Textures and Unfiying Project Webcast July 23rd Wednesday @8:30 EST join me and +Robin Josey +Waterlily716 Beautiessentials and others as we face the Good, Bad and ugly within our Community. Let’s Talk, Vent and squash all this negative and find that Middle ground!!

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Music: Usher - Good Kisser

I like this month’s bag. The lippie is the one thing I probably won’t use as I already have a ton of these. But I love that we got an almost full size mascara, and waterproof. I’m.excited to try the skin lotion, especially after a day in the wave pool. The eye shadow is very nude, but I like how it feels. Can’t wait to see how it holds up against my oily lids. And since I do tan, that oil will get used. The bag is simple, but bright. I always use my bags, this would be a cute date night clutch, just wish it were a wristlet. My phone fits in it perfectly. Overall, I give it a 4/5. @ipsy #ipsy

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