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1-I’m 47
2-I hate to fly
3-makeup is my therapy
4-I’m very opinionated, but fair
5-my middle name is Joelle
6-I have one sibling, a sister, who is NOT on Instagram
7-I love cupcakes
8-my husband defers football questions to me.
9-I have a very small circle of close friends. Only two people know everything about me.
10-my daughter’s named after a river and a character in a Shakespearean play.
11-I am accidently named after Men in my family, Robert and Joel
12-I like rain, but hate gray clouds
13-my favorite food is French Fries
14-my favorite season is summer
15-if I ever make it to France, I’m not coming back to the states
16-I want my own vineyard
17-I’ve met Charles Barkley (jerk) and hugged Will Smith on his 21st birthday when I went to his big blowout party in Philadelphia right before someone threw cake on us.
18-I went to four high schools
19-I don’t like people who can fly to arizona, but can’t drive to see me and I’m 40 minutes away by car
20-Im introverted, but not shy.

I tag everyone.

These are the three colors I picked up that I’m going to use in my hair. Not all at once of course. (L2R) Maybelline color tattoo in tenacious teal. Wet and wild color icon singles in suede and cheeky. I’m thinking about getting a red and purple one as well. I may be late to the craze, but I’m purposeful. I’m going to try it on wet, damp and dry hair and see which one gives me the best finish. Stay tuned. #thegoodcurl #teamnatural #naturalhairblogger #color #experiment

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