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1-I’m 47
2-I hate to fly
3-makeup is my therapy
4-I’m very opinionated, but fair
5-my middle name is Joelle
6-I have one sibling, a sister, who is NOT on Instagram
7-I love cupcakes
8-my husband defers football questions to me.
9-I have a very small circle of close friends. Only two people know everything about me.
10-my daughter’s named after a river and a character in a Shakespearean play.
11-I am accidently named after Men in my family, Robert and Joel
12-I like rain, but hate gray clouds
13-my favorite food is French Fries
14-my favorite season is summer
15-if I ever make it to France, I’m not coming back to the states
16-I want my own vineyard
17-I’ve met Charles Barkley (jerk) and hugged Will Smith on his 21st birthday when I went to his big blowout party in Philadelphia right before someone threw cake on us.
18-I went to four high schools
19-I don’t like people who can fly to arizona, but can’t drive to see me and I’m 40 minutes away by car
20-Im introverted, but not shy.

I tag everyone.

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